5 Tips for Writing Your First Book by Amazon Bestseller Rochelle Gapere

1.     Just start! Don’t overthink the process. Rather than focusing on the end result, the actual book being complete, start with one page and then go from there. Your gifts aren’t only for you- your story is worthy and valuable and someone needs to hear it.

2.     Write often! I made a commitment to myself to write something at least once a day. There were days when I wasn’t motivated or inspired to write, but the act of doing something, even if only a few sentences caused my creative juices to flow. At times, it would be my intention to write one or two paragraphs and then I would get into a writing flow and knock out a chapter or two. Remember small wins are still wins!

3.     Get a Writing team – It takes a village! I hired a writing coach/editor (Rachel) who was great at content development and encouraged me to flesh out ideas and dig deeper in terms of telling a full story and filling in the gaps. Signing a contract and also paying for a service made me accountable to the process. In addition, I utilized the advice and expertise of friends in the process. A friend of mine is extremely talented at sentence structuring so she was very helpful in helping me with brevity because at times I could be long-winded. Another friend who also published a book did my overall read through upon the book’s completion. She read the book from cover to cover and did the final edit to ensure there were no sneaky punctuation and/or grammar flubs. A family member who has an impeccable way with words and flow, edited my introduction and also gave me feedback on setting the overall tone of the book as a neutral reader. It literally took a village and I appreciate my village. Do not think you have to accomplish this goal alone, seek out people in your village with great talent and skills to assist you!

4.     Tune out the distractions! I believe in setting reasonable timelines for my goals. When I realized that I was approaching a book deadline that I had set for myself and I wasn’t close to where I needed to be, I went on social media fast. The time I spent scrolling through Instagram and Facebook was valuable time I could spend writing. I accomplished tons of writing in the month that I spent on my social media fast.

5.     Hire people who understand your vision and are amenable to changes along the way. I hired a publicist/branding strategist who handled the aesthetic/feel of the book. She has also published her own book, so was extremely knowledgeable about the publishing process. Two weeks before my book’s release I decided I wanted to create a journal. I suggested it to her and she was completely on board. The word impossible didn’t exist in getting my project completed. Our energy was complimentary!

Rochelle Gapere is an Attorney, Happiness Coach and Entrepreneur. Known for bringing her charismatic personality and sheer joy for living to every experience and individual that she encounters, Rochelle has mastered the art of living life fully and passionately. The release of her first book, One Happy Thought at a Time: 30 Days to a Happier You, cements her lifelong practice of adding more happiness to this world by empowering others with the tools and techniques that help them lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Rochelle believes in living a life that is engaging at every level and utilizes practical techniques to teach audiences her unique approach to living a happy life.