Work With Me


3 sessions $247.50

6 sessions $495

Due to recent interest for individual coaching, by former students, I now have packages available that function like a classroom environment only with one-on-one attention over the phone.

For six sessions I will give you homework assignments with deadlines (accountability is everything) and I read and comment on your paper as well as discuss your work with you on the phone for 30 minutes.

Line and Content Editing

Prices range from $4 per page to $7 per page depending on your needs.

Manuscript Critiques

Unlike many critique services, my critiques are thorough and I provide an in-depth analyses of all the major components needed in a manuscript. I do an annotated critique—which means I make notations and leave comments in the margins on every page

Full manuscript critique: $4 per page


This is the top-of-the-line memoir option. I conduct interviews with you and then carefully craft your story. The process for services include:

  • A pre-interview “getting to know you” session
  • Recorded interview sessions (6 or more hours)
  • Transcription of recordings
  • Organization of your memories into a first-person account
  • Revision (This is YOUR book; we revise the draft as you wish)
  • Final edits

Prices vary

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