Dr. Rachel Panton is a ghostwriter, editor, and writing coach for women who have powerful stories to tell.

Her mission is to create a safe space where women can share their stories and feel supported through each stage of the writing process.

Rachel has been a writing professor for over 16 years and is a specialist in women’s cognitive development.


I started my academic career studying women’s narratives as a literature and language major. From there I went on to teach  writing at Columbia College Chicago and then at the University of Miami, where my courses are focused on wellness memoir (such as my upcoming course, Sistah Soul Food: Black women, food and power). While teaching I pursued my doctoral degree and felt a need to research and write the life story journeys of women holistic leaders in my community. Each of these women had overcome countless obstacles such as defeating breast cancer, losing a child, raising children as a single mother,  and all left one religion, respectively, for a new way of life. Not only did their paths lead them to healing themselves mentally, physically and spiritually, but to healing their communities as well.

After completing my dissertation on these women, a retired dean at a neighboring college asked me to write her story. She was a breast cancer survivor as well and had suffered other illnesses. She never let any of it stop her from accomplishing her goals in life and leading young women in her community through teaching and volunteering. That was the start of my first memoir writing business, Write My Life Memoirs.

Soon, more women started to appear who wanted to tell their stories: a woman whose baby suffered a crib death went on to establish a long-standing primary school in her baby’s honor, a retired, high ranking military officer who had suffered abuse as a child found her way up and out to peace through prayer and discipline, a mother, whose son is a retired NBA player, was addicted to crack cocaine for over 20 years and was finally able to heal herself of her addiction through spiritual growth and counseling. All of these women have inspired me and the world around them and this is how Women Writing Wellness was born.

I’m here to help you tell your story. Whether you’re a writer who just needs coaching, accountability or critique, or you need someone to write your story from stem to stern, I’m here for you.

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